Multi-functional Peeling C.1 DERMOLISE 1 7.05 oz Maximize

Multi-functional Peeling C.1 DERMOLISE 1 7.05 oz


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DESCRIPTION: Multi-functional peeling based on oats, plant extracts and urea, which give multiple beneficial properties for the skin and leaving it polished, soft and silky. Suitable for face and body use.

Contains: 30% compound of Oats, Ivy, Eleutherococcus, Birch, Urea and Zinc Oxide

- Body use: Mix 30 g of C.1 in 25 ml of Formula C.2 DERMOLISE 2, apply over the body area, rub and remove under the shower.
- To enhance the diaphoretic effect on body: Leave the product rubbed on the skin, cover with osmotic film and electric blancket and recommend 15 min of isometric contraction exercices. Remove previous indication.
- Face and neck use: Mix 10 g of C.1 in 8 ml of Formula C.2 DERMOLISE 2, apply over two cottons and gently rub on the skin from the center outward. Remove with cotton soaked in water.

- 100% colorant and perfume free.Rich in Pro-vitamin A, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E, D and K, Free Amino Acids, Enzymes, Minerals, Glucides, Lecithin, Potassium Salts, Flavonoids, Saponins and Tanins.
- Diaphoretic.
- Fights against skin ageing.
- Moisturizing.
- Anti- Cellulite.
- Ideal for prevention of stretch marks and cellulite nodules.
- With special sanitizing properties.
- Refreshing.

PRESENTATION: bottle 7.05 oz and 21.16 oz.


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