Natural Moisturizing Factor Serum T.S.3 NMF 1 fl oz


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DESCRIPTION: Natural concentrated rebuilder moisturizer, with hygroscopic action that brings back and retains hydration. Ideal dry/sensitive skins. Suitable for all skin types.

Contains: 26% Amino Acids, 25% Sodium Pirrolidincarboxilato (PCAS), 10% Urea, 6% Allantoin, 0.50% Glucose and 0.30% Lactic Acid.

INSTRUCTIONS: Spread on hands and apply over eyes, lips, face and neck with pressure and decompression without rubbing or ionize according to L.G.S. System.

- 100% free of colorants and perfumes.
- Provides a natural and deep hydration.
- Restores dry and tight-feeling skins.
- Corrects desquamated skins by dehydration.
- Controls ductility and flexibility.
- Its hygroscopic action prolonged moisture activity 24 hours.
- Ideal delicate skin.
- Oil free.

PRESENTATION: bottle spray 1 fl oz and 10 ampoules of 0.08 fl oz.


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